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13 October


Last Friday I got a call around 14:00 for some guys who had booked a trip for the Saturday with another charter who had just cancelled with them due to the predicted weather conditions for Saturday. They really wanted to go fishing as asked if I would go out on the Saturday, I sadly declined the Saturday trip but asked if they would prefer a Night Trip as the weather was good and we could launch around 16:00 and return around 22:00.


After all was said and done we met up at DSBC and launched for 16:00 We scratched around for bait but it was quiet... so I ran down to S#*t Pipe where we managed to find loads. By 17:30 we were sitting out on John Ross with dismal showings. so we tried a couple of drifts but the current was screaming. water Temp was good around 22 Deg. We moved off to Ben Corum where we had some good showings but not a lot of action. Eventually went to the cave and found some really good showing. on our first Down 2 of the guys got good takes and after a good 10min fight the Tax man showed up and helped himself to both of their Bek. We then decided to try again and on our 3rd drift 3 of the guys hooked up only to all be taxed yet again. Decided to rather not waste my time and tackle I decided to try on another spot which also seemed to be quiet on the Sounder but on our second drift we had a double hook up again, but sadly this was not going to be our night. As once again we had a Tax Audit taking our fees to 7 Bek, but none the less the Guys had a great time and really enjoyed hooking into some nice fish. 

We were back on the beach by 22:30 to load and go.


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