After some bad weather

So after a couple of weekends of really dodgy weather, the weather gods must have taken a bit of leave as we had some really good conditions! .. or so we thought up and until Friday night when we were hit by a massive storm which lashed down. None the less the weather was still looking good for a launch on Saturday morning. I met up with Niresh and the Crew at DSBC at 5:00 and with a little drizzle and flat seas we launched and headed to the North to hunt some Tuna and Dorado; we worked the reefs and contour lines up to Umdloti with very little happening ... found some really nice water, cobalt blue and 27deg out on the Ships but unfortunately nothing was biting. After a while we decided to head for some reef fishing...we had a couple of good pulls before being broken off and managed some nice Slinger and other odds and ends. As we were about to move on, the Dorado showed up under the boat, harassing our flapper baits as we pulled our bottom baits to the surface...I quickly got out my trusty Travella with a Penn Accord 4000 and pinned a flapper to it and set it adrift...It was not long before we saw the Bull Dorado take the flapper.. was a nice fight on the Travella with the 4k reel and gave Phillip a good run for his money! 
All in all a slower day but a good one none the less.