Past Reports

Report 1


17 November


So, the Wind has been giving us a hard time but we have managed a couple of fun Trips. We had a Trip with Cameron Delport from the Sunfoil Dolphins along with Editor and Chief of Go Fish Magazine Kirk Newton for a couple of hours on the water. Weather was not great with a big low pressure system looming the Tuna were not playing ball. After a couple of Hours we decided to try for some Snoek in the shallows, on our way back to base, we hooked into a nice size Snoek which was about 5kg give or take, Cameron Fought it right up to the back of the boat before the Helco pulled from the fish, but was a fun trip with the guys. 

The Following Day I had a trip booked and with the weather looking better after the Low Pressure System had passed. I decided to head for some deeper waters to see if we could hunt some Dorado, it was not long after that, we had a reel screaming, but it was not a Dorado on the other end but rather a Nice sized Sailfish, which gave us a great show and despite having to fight the fish in some light drizzle gave us some good fun for about 20 min or so before she jumped and threw the hooks. After that things where quiet so we worked our way back to some deeper reefs and managed a couple of Gelbek and a few Size Soldiers. 

The Weather should start to settle down now in time for summer.
Think we are going to be in for a Bumper Game Fishing Season.


Report 2


22nd October - First Dorado for 2014/2015 Season


With some signs of some stable weather today we launched at Durban Ski boat club. The water conditions in close where far from favourable with green brackish water in close, after trying for some bait we decided to head out to the 100m line straight out going over a couple of marks I have. It was not long before we had 3 lines running. The one line had hooked into a small rainbow runner which I quickly got to the boat, sadly though it was only about a foot long and jumped off right next to the boat. Then Jaco and his wife got the opportunity to get stuck in. was not long before we managed to land 2 Dorado. The first on board for the season, they weighed in at 5kg and 7Kg. not huge but a good sign for things to come.


Report 3 - 13 October


Last Friday I got a call around 14:00 for some guys who had booked a trip for the Saturday with another charter who had just canceled with them due to the predicted weather conditions for Saturday. They really wanted to go fishing as asked if I would go out on the Saturday, I sadly declined the Saturday trip but asked if they would prefer a Night Trip as the weather was good and we could launch around 16:00 and return around 22:00.

After all was said and done we met up at DSBC and launched for 16:00 We scratched around for bait but it was quiet.. so I ran down to S#*t Pipe where we managed to find loads. by 17:30 we where sitting out on John Ross with dismal showings.. so we tried a couple of drifts but the current was screaming.. water Temp was good around 22 Deg. We moved off to Ben Corum where we had some good showings but not alot of action. Eventually went to the cave and found some really good showing.. on our first Down 2 of the guys got good takes and after a good 10min fight the Tax man showed up and helped him self to both of there Bek. We then decided to try again and on our 3rd drift 3 of the guys hooked up only to all be taxed yet again..Decided to rather not waste my time and tackle I decided to try on another spot which also seamed to be quiet on the Sounder but on our second drift we had a double hook up again.. but sadly this was not going to be our night.. as once again we had a Tax Audit

taking our fees to 7 Bek. but none the less the Guys had a great time and really enjoyed hooking into some nice fish.. 
We where back on the beach by 22:30 to load and go..